Quadrabathe Single Product Animal Bathing System


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Efficiently bathe your dog with the grooming products of your choice. The Quadrabathe animal bathing system will lift the dog’s coat allowing the shampoo and water mixture to reach the skin. You must have 5 gallons of water per minute available. Simply try filling a 5 gallon bucket in a minute or less.If you can fill the bucket Quadrabathe will work for you.

The Quadrabathe System is supplied with an adapter to connect our high performance hose to any 1/2 inch pipe. The Quadrabathe Single Bathing System is supplied with either a 6′ or 12′ hose.

Insert the Straw Cap into the product of choice and attach to mixing unit with supplied vinyl tubing. Adjust your water temperature. Turn off the supplied ball valve on the end of the hose. At this point press the red button on the mixing unit and then turn the water on. Automatically the shampoo of your choice will be drawn in the device and the water / shampoo mixture will be discharged.

Simply paint your animal with the shampoo / water from top to bottom. When you’re ready to rinse press the green button and clear clean water will be discharged through the nozzle.

If you have additional products such as conditioners or rinses, you can purchase additional straw caps and tubing, or you can purchase our combo unit which allows up to 4 shampoos, conditioners, and rinses.

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