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The Quadrabathe 4 product selector simply mounts on your wall. The Qudrabathe 4 product selector is housed in a beautifully etched stainless steel housing. Once mounted connect any one of 4 products, shampoo or conditioner, to the selector. Connect selector to the Quadrabathe Single System mixing unit and the system is complete. Ideal for all grooming facilities. Simply turn the valve to your desired product and that product will be mixed with water and discharged. The 4 product selector comes with 4 – 6 foot lengths of vinyl tubing. 4 – Sets of metering tips, and 4- straw caps.

You will be amazed how much time, money, and effort this device will save.

The 4 Product Adapter must be used with the Quadrabathe Single Product System. It is a 4 product selector, not a complete bathing system. It is an add on to the Single Product System. If you need both units order the COMBO.


“Jeff thank you thank you thank Quadra Bathe is everything you assured me it would be and more…I have been extremely busy here and had to do three Afghans last Sunday..Time in bath and dry just under 4 hours.. Washed one of the Borzoi just before dinner tonight…Really the Quadra Bathe has made life so easy..It is easy to switch out from shampoo to conditioner, and back. I do have a basin that I have the Afghans put their feet in, as I wet and shampoo..The best part is I get the best conditioning mix ever..very even..Again thank you…

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